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Department of points feelings

Colleges to sit the first half of 2006, after sub-system, it always wanted to write a summary. However, because the World Cup and was busy working on the final design, also delayed down. Today-with actions, and talk about the most important points raised.

First: psychological preparation.

Test series points chase girls like that, if you do not intolerable impulses, then I urge you to give up. You should wait for time to catalysis, wait until you have the desire, when it points to test lines, regardless of your motivation is to promotion in post or cause to dedicated software. When you have a strong desire in mind, the Department of points you have to pursue endless power.

But not anyone can test series points. Would you like to test also can not expect God to test you too. Over the years, Department of points is not very high pass rate, it will be higher this year, but in the past have been about 10% are through the line 45,45,45 for many years.

Prepared for the second measure is difficult to understand. Art of War says: to know ourselves, can only know yourself. Before applying the best analysis of their strengths and weaknesses, to strengthen the review for the lack.

Prepared for the third level is to understand the difficulties, when the key is not to give up. Business is war, or locations such as shopping malls. (Behind a word like not heard that.) Face of any one test, I hope you can take seriously. Do not afraid of difficulties, do not give up. In fact, full of good sub-line exam.

Second: materials selection. If the economic conditions allow, I recommend the following books.

1, the system analyst exam outline ( Also have to know how to say what syllabus, or no direction, but do not see too many would be scared to death. Just to see certificate of higher qualification, you can hire a senior engineer, Kazakhstan.

2, systems analysts test counseling ( Zhang Yousheng editor, Cambridge University Press. Priority review, at least once. But behind the mathematical topics that can not be read.

3, analysis and design techniques ( Ibid. Fly and, knowing what.

4, systems analyst tutorial ( Luo Xiaopei other editor, Cambridge University Press. The worst grasp of a book, if you do not know how to read, it will only waste your time.

5, a previous Zhenti (such as: Systems Analyst Information Systems Analysis and Design Test Cases Test Category precise solution, Preferably in writing, the main one afternoon to review.

Third: Note the steps.

1, a look at the system analyst counseling bar exam. This book essentially covers comprehensive knowledge of the test center in the morning. It should be clear is that this book too much about the mathematical part, if not first, you do not have time to read, because now the trend is part of mathematics, the proportion is not high, only about 5 minutes. Hamiltonian Graphs and Euler Graph is the emphasis of focus. The rest is not revealed, their conclusion.

2, doing it the previous Zhenti (Reference: Department of questions over the years collection points, began to YY. Test counseling for systems analysts say this book is Zhenti, as a re-review what you will, so there do not know what knowledge point to re-study. Reviewing the Old, or have so little reason.

3, stress, be sure to start the second half of 2004 to the present system sub cannelloni understand well, because the new syllabus was introduced from the second half of 2004.

4, when you complete step 3, you go and see the system at this time analyst tutorial, you will know what to look at friends.

5, free it, to see more books, mainly books in software engineering. This is mainly a preparation for the afternoon exam. At a test in my opinion is the most difficult of the three test paper, this part will generally not had any problem. Aspect Zhenti usually more, try to figure out the answer and more skills. In general, the answer is very elaborate, the key point of correct answers was ok.

6, take a look inside some of my archive material. Primarily for the afternoon to prepare for a test and paper, not in vain.

7, write five papers for it. I have copied the three, systems analysts test counseling on the inside front of the paper copy of the. Mainly to find sensory, systematic analysis to understand how others, and can be used by Well I; the other way, catches a word, after all, good writing teacher marking it would be tough to know for others, but also for their own , the paper is too easy to take a 45 minutes a. Exam done a couple of days to recall their own projects, have a frame on it.

8, more and fellow exchange, do not know how not equipped to understand, to learn from others is a virtue.

Fourth: the examination room deal.

1 exam day of rest. Accumulation of each test depends not only polish chicken. This day to rest and recharge your batteries.

2, keep a clear head, win without pride, defeat. Colleges to sit a is a, after all three. Remember noon break, a little water to drink.

3, always be sure of a title they have. Analysis and design or papers are good, choose their most familiar, to ensure that the scoring.

Btw, my dorm this time there are three points to participate in test system, all one-time through. Department of points is very good visible on the test Well, have faith Oh, I wish you good luck. In addition, even if the Department of points made, it can not mean anything, take it up.

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